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About Us

We love to train and trial dogs!   

For us it’s not a hobby, it’s a passion and lifestyle….




Alex Alves

Alex is a well known highly successful competitor in the sport of IGP.  Originating in Germany, IGP was developed as the ultimate breed test of the working german shepherd.   It is a 3-phase sport consisting of tracking, obedience and protection.   Each phase is essentially a sport in itself and combine to test the character, aptitude and working abilities of the dog.  It also showcases the training and teamwork between the dog and their handler.   Few trainers make it to the top.   It’s hard, but the best teams make it look easy.  Alex possesses a combination of natural talent and humble dedication that has made him one of the most successful trainers in IGP.   His love of the dogs and training is evident in his ability to connect with the dog.  He makes it look easy.  His accomplishments include qualifying for the  WUSV World Championship multiple times, multiple National and Regional Championship wins as well as coaching podium finishers at a local, regional and national level.   


Dawn Kelley


Born into a family that bred and competed with dogs, Dawn caught the “dogsport” bug early in life as a junior handler.   As a breeder for more than 35 years, she has competed and trained in multiple disciplines including AKC performance sports, IGP, AKC conformation & therapy dog training with multiple breeds.  Her commitment to excellence has resulted in breeding and owning multiple top 10 ranked AKC Champions, numerous Group & Best in Show winners as well as performance titles in multiple sports.  Being recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit acknowledged her dedication to breeding dogs with exceptional genetics and versatility.  


Our Locations

We have 2 locations.   Our primary training facility is in northern Alabama where we can train year round.   Our breeding program is located in Michigan. 

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