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Exceptional Purpose-Bred Working German Shepherds

We are dog sport enthusiasts committed to preserving the health, temperament and exceptional working abilities of the German Shepherd Dog.  


The Importance of Genetics

Genetics are the single biggest predictor of a dog’s working potential and future health.   Selecting and keeping dogs for breeding requires a non-emotional and objective assessment of the dog and hard decisions.  We have stringent standards and not every dog is good enough to be in our breeding program.  Pairing two dogs for breeding is one of the most important decisions we will make as breeders.   We believe a dog must excel at training, be successful on the trial field, have a rock-solid temperament and pass stringent health testing before being considered for breeding.   Being good is not enough, the dog must be exceptional.


We proudly use the very best stud dogs available no matter where they are in the world.   These top males have proven themselves to be the best of the best.   We don't limit ourselves by using only local males or stud dogs we own.  Instead, we are committed to using the best pairing possible rather than the most convenient or cheapest one.   This brings superior genetics & diversity and produces progeny with the potential to excel on and off the field.

Quality females are the foundation of a successful breeding program.  Not only do they contribute genetics, they have a strong influence on a litter's environmental stability & confidence because they raise and nurture the puppies.  An excellent female is priceless and essential.  Our females have unrivaled pedigrees featuring the most accomplished working german shepherds in the world.    


Whether you are looking for your next IGP or AKC competition sport prospect,  a Service, SAR, or Law Enforcement dog or an excellent active companion  you’re in the right place.  We are proud to produce exceptional working dogs for discerning handlers.  

Our Females

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