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Due September 2023

Due September 2023

K'nox is a stunning masculine male with an impressive list of accomplishments including: 2019 BSP Winner, 2019 WUSV IGP World Cup qualifier and a "V" rating at multiple national/international events. K'nox has been a consistent top producer in Europe and the USA. He will go down in history as a prolific stud dog who sired many world-class progeny.

Oriella is an extremely high drive female with a “can do” attitude. She is an exceptional female in many ways but one of her most outstanding characteristics is her refusal to quit. No matter the pressure, duration or difficulty she never quits working. She is extremely athletic, incredibly fast and a superior jumper. Her tracking is calm with a deep nose. With beautiful obedience and strong protection she is a force of nature. She is social off the field with a good off switch. She is neutral to other dogs and safe with small children and small animals. This spicy girl is everything we hope for in a female.

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